Valentine's Day '23

Here’s what Valentine’s Day looks like for most people

And for some people, it looks a little like… this.

But if you look closely, they’re not really alone, are they?
They say your soulmate could just be standing right in front of you…
But you just don’t know it yet.
This Valentine’s Day, Swiggy wanted its loyal customers to know that they are loved.
With a personalised love letter written by a Valentine they can count on for life...
Their most-ordered dish.

We took stock of the most-ordered dishes in the last year and wrote heartfelt letters on behalf of each of these dishes.
Each user got a personalised letter. We wanted them to know that the dish they’ve shown so much love to, loves them right back.

Dear Foodie

The Letters

We wrote 20 letters. Here are a few examples.

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